Frail – Carbs!

I have always found it so difficult to stick to a diet, even if I have a motivated reason to ie. getting married or my birthday. However, no matter how hard I try, I always seem to get tempted by carbs! They seem to just find me even if I empty out my fridge of them. And if that fails, my body seems to find them hidden deep in a cupboard.

If by a miracle I manage to stick to my diet and not eat any carbs I always end up thinking about eating foods that I am just not allowed. Willpower when it comes to food is so weak, so frail!

So here goes another week, another day trying to stick to a carb free diet! Fingers crossed!


About blogmylife86

I am a new young mum to a beautiful baby girl. I have a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry but have a passion for writing. Whilst on maternity leave I have been working on this website and I am proud to say it is now ready to go live.
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