Elusive – Happiness

Is happiness really truly elusive? Can you really be happy without fearing that something bad will happen or that you will end up jinxing it?

I know that when I am truly happy, deep down I always fear about how long this happiness will last or what bad news will come my way to blow up my happy world and shatter it into pieces. I always tell myself never to get extremely happy about anything because behind that happiness lies a lot of negative energy.

Even if you get happy about passing exams with a certain percentage or getting that job you know that someone else will be feeling jealous or have something bad to say about it. If you are happy about a certain event taking place, you get that feeling that there might be a turn of events where it might get cancelled. Does this tie in with karma? If something good happens then something bad is also bound to happen?

When or where can we find happiness and not be fearing that it will not last?  Do we just have to take it as it is and live for that moment until it goes away or can we always be happy?


About blogmylife86

I am a new young mum to a beautiful baby girl. I have a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry but have a passion for writing. Whilst on maternity leave I have been working on this website and I am proud to say it is now ready to go live.
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5 Responses to Elusive – Happiness

  1. Arti Tyagi says:

    The devil is in the detail! Sure happiness can be elusive, but if you focus on the little things in life that make you happy, I’m sure you will end up with a lot more reasons to be happy for than to be sad! When I went to stay in a hostel for the first time, I was homesick within a week and I HATED the food there. But I used to spend the entire week waiting for Wednesdays when they used to serve my favourite cholle puri! That used to be my tiny bubble of joy!

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    • blogmylife86 says:

      That is very true! Sometimes we forget how the little things make us happy and we end up focusing on the larger things in life. Oh no, I hate going away from home too, there is nothing just like your own bed, unless you’re on a nice beach holiday 🙂 Cholle puri sounds amazing!! And I am sure it was a good feeling to have that to look forward to!

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  2. Fab Writings says:

    You are nominated for one lovely blog award!
    Check out my post for further info…

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