Apology – Why is it so difficult?

There is always one thing that we humans find so difficult to do; to apologise.

Whether we are in the right or the wrong, we always find it difficult to say sorry and to ask for forgiveness. In fact, it is one the simplest things to do but we always put up a barrier when it comes to it. Our pride and ego comes in the way and we feel it gets affected if we stopped to apologise. When it is such a simple thing to do and it could save so much tension between yourself and the other person(s), we always seem to run away from it.

When you do apologise, most of the time you’re forgiven but the longer you leave it, the harder it becomes and then all the negativity comes along with it. We build it up within ourselves so much that we think it is a bigger and harder thing to do than it actually is.
The main thing to ask is why do you find it so hard to give an apology? When someone has wronged us, we expect that person to apologise but when the tables are turned, why do we find it so hard? All of a sudden a wall is created and it is hard to get those words out even though we know we may have hurt that person. Would you rather lose a friend/family in the process?

In reality, by apologising it makes you a better person as you have taken that courage to actually recognise the wrong doing and taken some action towards it. Once you do apologise it makes you feel better, regardless of whether that person forgives you or not, at least you have done your part.

It does not make you less of a person by apologising but imagine how it would feel on the other end when someone does apologies to you an how it makes you feel. Whether you meant to hurt the person intentionally or unintentionally, if you have realised what you have done, just give an apology. It makes everyone feel better in the end.

Life is too short to live with regret and ‘what if’, so go ahead and give that one person the apology they probably deserve.



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I am a new young mum to a beautiful baby girl. I have a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry but have a passion for writing. Whilst on maternity leave I have been working on this website and I am proud to say it is now ready to go live.
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6 Responses to Apology – Why is it so difficult?

  1. An apology is a difficult but powerful thing. It may be hard to bring out, but once it is out, it does wonders by working to wash away pain, misunderstandings, and disgrace. It may not be absolute, but the simple “I’m sorry” is one of the most heart-warming phrases in the world.

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  2. eddaz says:

    So true😊

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