Profound – God

Who knows us, the world we live in and the universe any better than God Himself? For He is the one that is profound in this life of ours. Where we were before and where we will go after is only decided by God.

Whether we are believers of God or science, there sure is a mystery as to how this life that we live in came about.

God is the unknown and mysterious but He is also the only one that has so much knowledge about our existence. Our creator, the reason for our existence and our destroyer is the only one who can change our path and how we live this life.

God is profound.



About blogmylife86

I am a new young mum to a beautiful baby girl. I have a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry but have a passion for writing. Whilst on maternity leave I have been working on this website and I am proud to say it is now ready to go live.
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